HOMERS adjourned till 2 pm over protest by TMC members

RS adjourned till 2 pm over protest by TMC members

February 06, 2018 344Views
RS adjourned till 2 pm over protest by TMC members

The Rajya Sabha was adjourned today till 2 pm amid protest by Trinamool Congress (TMC) members.

Responding to an issue related to a notice by Derek O'Brien (TMC), Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu said he has received notices from TMC, Akali Dal and TDP and those have not been accepted.

"Issue is Governor of the State is writing to...", Derek was heard saying. However, the chairman said, members are not supposed to take the name of governors. Derek, who was seen holding a paper, said he was ready to table the letter in the House. However, the content of the letter could not be immediately known. Several other opposition members were also on their feet. "You don't want to run the House, I am adjourning the House till 2 pm today," Naidu, said while adjourning the House.

Irked over slogan shouting by opposition MPs from the Well, Naidu had yesterday also adjourned the proceedings of the morning session till 1400 hours. Earlier, Naidu urged members to address the Vice- President as 'Honourable Vice-President'. "I would request and suggest to all members that they should address the Chairman or even the Vice-President of India as Honourable Vice-President. There is no need to use 'His or Her Excellency'. "There is no need to use such phrases in future," said Naidu, who is also the Vice-President of the country.

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