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KCR meets Deve Gowda to launch alternative movement

Chandrasekhar Rao, BJP, Telangana, India
April 13, 2018 61Views
KCR meets Deve Gowda to launch alternative movement

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today met JDS supremo Deve Gowda here to seek his support for launching an "alternative movement" to bring qualitative change in the country, saying both Congress and BJP had failed to deliver.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Rao said "It is not a silly political front, but an alliance of masses including farmers and poor people."

"There is a need for a movement because both BJP and Congress regimes in last seven decades have failed to deliver," he added.

Rao also appealed to people to free themselves from the clutches of Congress and BJP, and save the nation "from all ills."

"I appeal, just as Deve Gowdaji did, to one and all to please come out of the trap and save our country, Bharat Mata, farmers and poor man and women, who are looking for justice. Let us deliver," he said.

The Telangana chief minister also said TDP, the left parties or whoever is interested could join the movement.

Rao had met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Kolkata recently to discuss the plans for evolving a coalition of regional parties.

Rao reached Gowda's house with actor Prakash Raj, TRS (TRS) MPs, Vinod and Sathosh.

Gowda said it is neither a third or fourth front, nor a movement to throw any party out of power, but to solve long-pending issues, which were not solved for seven decades.

Continuing further, Rao said a big agenda would be declared before 2019 for which he was discussing with people including Gowda.

On Cauvery water dispute, Rao said "why should there be a fight for Cauvery water between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka? Why has the issue been kept pending for seven decades?"

Rao also appealed to people of Karnataka to vote for JDS and declared he would be campaigning for the party wherever Gowda asks him to do.

"I will campaign for JDS in Hyderabad-Karnataka or anywhere in Karnataka, if Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy order me," he said.

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