HOMEDisease Prevention Camp at Bannari Checkpoint.

Disease Prevention Camp at Bannari Checkpoint.

January 07, 2018 90Views
Disease Prevention Camp at Bannari Checkpoint.

Bird flu has been spreading virally around Bangalore, Karnataka. In order to control the spread of this disease, the Department of Animal Husbandry have engaged in several actions. Despite all these, to control the spread through the vehicles entering Tamil Nadu from Bangalore, actions also have been taken.

The department of Animal Husbandry are taking further actions by conducting a camp that sprays vaccine, at Bannari Checkpoint with five workers working 24 hours in shifts. Similarily, along the mountain ranges of Kadambur actions are taken for disease prevention. Vaccines were also sprayed on the vehicles carrying poultry feeds and other poultry related stuffs.

The Department told that they will be engaged in these actions, seriously, for three months.

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